Reducing children's screen time

Twist-Kits can be used to reduce screen time

Today's youth are continuously bombarded by the messages they receive via technology!  According to the latest research, children aged 8 to 18 spend approximately 7.5 hours per day watching their screens for enjoyment. Over the course of a year, that equates to 114 full days of screen time!  Providing a positive alternative crafting project can stimulate physical activity and creativity. 


One of the joys of parenting is turning your children onto something new, crafting projects can serve this purpose.  Twist-Kits are one such option, they are wire sculpture kits with simple step-by-step instructions that have endless possibilities.  Twist-Kits come in three simple product types based on wire flexibility.


Twist-Kits keep children engaged in a creative activity and they’re non-electronic.  Children enjoy having the power of play in their hands and all the needed material are in Twist-Kits reducing the set-up time associated with doing crafting activities.  Twist-Kits allow children to control the pace and complexity of their crafting which increases their engagement levels, it also gives them a sense of achievement because after they play, they can then display their creation.


Furthermore, Twist-Kits are safe because these wire kits come as one piece of wire with no sharp edges and without the need for wire cutting.  Art activities, like building a Twist-Kits figure, requires the use of both hands to manipulate the wire, which aids in the development of symmetrical coordination and manual dexterity.  In having to concentrate to follow the step-by-step instructions children engage in problem solving.  In some cases, adult assistance may be required, so parents can use these craft kits to re-establish a joint play time activity.  Twist-Kits also help get the kids out of their bedrooms where they are isolated from family happenings. 


Twist-Kits range in cost from $25 to $32, shipping is included. It is recommended that new Twisters start with the Easy Bend wire kits which contain thin gold colored wire, then move up to Medium Bend kits which are purple colored wire.  The ultimate challenge is the larger Solid Aluminum kits which can require pliers to shape the feet.  Twist-Kits can be purchased from Etsy or at www.Twist-Kits.comLet’s Twist!

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